November 13, 2023

Unlocking Internationalization: A Guide to Internationalization with Strategic Partner Connections

Internationalization Strategy

The internationalization of your business can be challenging, even when you are a well-established company. Stretching your business to the global market involves expanding your operation and presence beyond the boundaries.

It’s reasonable to have questions about the ‘whys,’ ‘hows,’ and ‘whats’ of this endeavor because market internationalization is a long process. Fortunately, you are on the right track. Within the scope of this article, we’ll go deeper into the intricate details of this journey together with us, the Rainmaker. So get ready to embark on this compelling path to internationalization as we empower and heighten your company with resounding success.

How does it work? Well, you need a solid internationalization strategy in hand. So let’s work to get your company more relevant and appealing beyond its domestic extent by establishing and improving these key aspects: 

1. Corporate Development

Internationalization involves various functions and roles to ensure successful entry into foreign markets. The first thing your company needs to strengthen and improve is Corporate Development.  

Corporate Development is the work of internal team members dedicated to enhancing a company’s growth and value. They are responsible for generating strategies and activities that allow the company to execute transactions such as joint ventures, divestitures, strategic partnerships, and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in a new market.

With Rainmaker in your company, we will play a bigger part in maintaining active pipelines of connections and advantageous deal sourcing. Our responsibility would be providing activities and strategies such as identifying and investigating potential targets, securing financing, negotiating, and even securing deals.

2. Research and Intelligence Reporting

Research and intelligence reporting is the process of gathering significant data and ideas regarding worldwide prospects that frequently arise through international networks and transactions. We, the Rainmaker, are responsible for conducting market research to gain a thorough awareness of local customer preferences, competitive environments, regulatory needs, and economic circumstances in target overseas markets.

The data and information that we will acquire will constitute the basis for established and better decision-making and be crucial in determining the internationalization plan for your company.

3. In-Market Strategy

In-marketing Strategy is a long-term plan that aims to achieve the company’s objective by understanding customer needs and providing a distinct and sustainable advantage. This key covers a vast and wide spectrum and requires the other keys combined, from identifying target customers to deciding what effective channels are for reaching them.

We are specialized in In-marketing strategy, we take on the responsibilities of making decisions on market entry methods, product localization and internationalization, and customizing marketing approaches for each target market that are suitable and appropriate for your company.

4. In-Market Activation

Our strategy at Rainmaker is centered on enabling and activating mid- and large-market firms to achieve effective internationalization. The in-market strategy’s strategies must be put into effect by us. We will oversee distribution channels, interact with local partners, handle day-to-day business operations for your company in overseas markets, and make sure that the company’s goods and services adhere to industry standards and customer preferences. We also manage sales, marketing, and customer service tasks.

5. Funding Support

Large financial resources are frequently needed for international expansion. The task of finding, acquiring, and managing the financial resources required for internationalization falls to funding support teams.

At Rainmaker, we are involved and responsible for securing investments, loans, grants, or other forms of financing to support the expansion efforts. Additionally, we will manage budgets and financial planning for the international operations.


Allow Rainmaker to rain growth and development on your company. We have all the essential components and teams to elevate these key aspects of your company. Our main objective is to assist you in improving these specific tasks so that you can manage the complexity of entering and operating in international markets effectively.   

Helping Businesses Internationalize

Are you prepared to take your company internationally? We are on a mission to promote global company success and economic growth. We empower businesses to seize international opportunities, navigate complex markets, and achieve sustainable growth through our international business ecosystem and international governmental partners.

Our focus on getting businesses into the UK, USA, and Canada, allows us to create a synergistic, comprehensive network of opportunity.

Looking for a strategic partner? Don’t hesitate to connect with Rainmaker by scheduling a call with us by clicking right here or sending us an email at

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