We Empower Businesses
to Grow and Expand

We are a Strategic Consulting firm specializing in unleashing the potential for mid to large market companies through strategic growth and expansion in the UK, USA, and Canada.

We leverage our expertise and use our proven 5 principles processes to navigate complex markets, while ensuring your business thrives.

Why Choose

Successful Business men
Return on Investment

We streamline complex processes, making your journey simple and enjoyable. Our expertise helps you make the most of your decisions, avoid costly mistakes and minimize risks.

Leverage Local Relationships
and Knowledge

We accelerate your in-market engagement, connecting you with the right people and resources.

Enhance Profitability

We guide you into the market’s business ecosystem. Our strategies help you optimize resources and achieve sustainable growth.


We ensure your brand and image are well understood in your new international market. Our strategies help you establish a strong presence and gain recognition.

Here is how we work together:

Step 1

Book a meeting to understand your priorities.

Step 2

Create a project proposal together.

Step 3

Work with you to internationalize – or not.

A Trusted Partner

for going international

When ERS made the decision to further develop our presence in the Calgary market, Rainmaker was a critical part of that plan. Rainmaker’s Global Business Partners helped us develop a market strategy and strategic plan with key connections vital to our success. We worked well with them in all areas of business development and brand development. We are grateful for the support we got from the Rainmaker Team!
Scott Van Vliet
Rainmaker Global helped LHR create a professional business plan and investor presentation designed to attract foreign investment to a major multi-facility development in Southern Alberta, Canada. Their project team was instrumental in providing timely market intel and connecting us to key stakeholders and organizations to accelerate our project development. The Rainmaker team was professional and delivered on all required support in a timely fashion.
Jin Choi

Some of Our Clients



Rainmaker’s mission is to drive global business success and economic growth. We empower businesses to seize international opportunities, navigate complex markets, and achieve sustainable growth.

Through our focus in the UK, USA and Canada, we create synergistic, comprehensive networks of opportunity with businesses. We engage our expertise, work with your ambitions and use our proven 5 principles processes to ensure growth and expansion for business success.

Together with Rainmaker we are empowering change makers and difference makers to internationalize our world with possibilities.
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